Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Java Heap Size Vs Native Memory Space

Found a pretty interesting article explaing what causes out of memory exceptions to fire, how java heap space and native memory is used by an application.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, it will help me today.

Thanks for the Daily Prayer to Jesus, it may help me much longer!

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Dinuka Arseculeratne said...

Glad i could be of any help Rick.. Yes Jesus helps us all. We just have to reach to Him...

God Bless


Woody Li said...

Thank you for the good link!

Dinuka Arseculeratne said...

Hi Woody,

Glad you found it helpful.

Anonymous said...

Found a short answer for this at:


Dinuka Arseculeratne said...

Thank you. Will check it out.

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