Thursday, September 3, 2009

Terminator. A must have tool for developers on linux

Pretty awesome tool which is able to open multiple command lines in one terminal. It increases productivity at least in a very small way and if you are running multiple servers at the same time this is a must have tool.

Linux Permissions

In linux the way we usually give permissions is by providing the command chmod 777 yourfile. This gives everyone read,write and execution privileges. But there is a better way to give permissions. Its as follows;

chmod u=rx file (Give the owner rx permissions, not w)
chmod go-rwx file (Deny rwx permission for group, others)
chmod g+w file (Give write permission to the group)
chmod a+x file1 file2 (Give execute permission to everybody)
chmod g+rx,o+x file (OK to combine like this with a comma)

Thanks Sanjeewa for the permission related info. One more thing he added was not to use the "cat"
command but to use "less" to view files because when you use "cat" linux puts it in a memory
buffer before displaying it on the screen.

Singlish Converter

Pretty cool tool to convert English to Sinhala. Have fun;

Connect to other Linux machines with SSH and no password

Check out this link which explains how you can ssh into a machine withouth providing the password.

A JS Framework for application development

Found a really nice JS Framework to support application development. Can be found at

Its under LGPL as well. One important note in their site is abt JQuery.

"Cappuccino is not designed for building web sites, or making existing sites more "dynamic". We think these goals are too far removed from those of application development to be served well by a single framework. Projects like Prototype and jQuery are excellent at those tasks, but they are forced by their nature to make compromises which render them ineffective at application development."