Monday, October 1, 2012

As my journey through IT continue

So recently i just surpassed the 5+ year mark in my career. So i dwelled upon my journey so far and wanted to pen it down ( well key it down in this instance :) ). And this is how my story goes;

Just after Uni, i started working at a start up company specializing in stock trading applications. Even today if someone asked me what was the most challenging thing you have worked on, this company will always be in the top 10. After uni, for a guy looking for a challenging career, this was just what the doctor ordered. Loved every bit of work, and also the people were very courteous and helpful in every way. From the CEO to architect to the tech leads, if you ever needed help with anything, they were always there for me.

Got my very first & only taste of C++ right in this very company. Now that was one heck of a language i must say. Keeps you thinking of every intrinsic detail. Of course looking back it might be overkill comparing with some languages now, but hey for a person just out of Uni, these are interesting stuff. Though i had an apprehensive nature on joining, the people at this company really made it easy for me to settle down.

Thoroughly enjoyed the late nights, trying to figure out why something that seems fine is just not working on production, learnt what true team work is all about.

Then came the time for me to move in pursuit of better opportunities, though my heart up until this date is still with this company because the people there were such fun loving people. The CEO was the key role whom i still look up for. My idol in the local IT sector.

One thing i never stopped was learning. Continuous learning is what keeps your value on par with the industry. If you lose your value, then your not an asset to the company any more. I wont say you should go and learn every technology or language that pops up in the news, but its more or less like engaging in the stock market. If you are not in the know of the stock movements, your bound not to capitalize on the opportunities that might arise in the future.

Few things i have observed on my journey is that often time many people focus just on the money factor. They enter the industry thinking it is a one stop stairway way to wealth. Don't get me wrong, money is important, but entering the software industry with just money being your goal and sole purpose will not take you much far.

What i always believe in is that you should learn from each experience, and with experience and time, money will come. Some people give me this incredulous look when i say that to them. But that reality i have lived is what i tell them. Believing it or not is up to them :).

And then i meet a few rock stars who are solid and sound technical people, but lack communication skills or most often have a very bad case of Asperger syndrome. Often times i see these people rise up early in their career but then be victims of ostracism due to the fact that they just do not understand that at the end of the day, without a team effort, a company will not thrive.

One thing i always believe is humility. This was one of the many gifts i inherited from my father. No matter how far you may go, you should never forget how you got there. A very important saying my father taught me was

                 "Be careful not to step on others' toes on your way up,
                   You do not know who you will meet on your way down ".

Another version goes as;

                  ""Be careful whose toes you step on today because
                  they might be connected to the foot that kicks your ass tomorrow!!"
                  -Brandon Ramos"

 No matter what you achieve in life, what i believe is that the world holds together because of the love and relationships we have with each other we meet on our journey through life.

I give my 100% to anything i set my heart to because it is when you truly believe in something that you will actually set out to achieve it. And so continues my life in the software industry with many more challenges ahead which i gladly look forward to.

All i can say is that it has been one heck of a ride up until now, and what ever path God chose for me i shall walk since "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13"

Have a great day everyone... Take care and God bless